Our expertise

We offer our connected footwear knowledge to satisfy your need.

Integration of our technology

We put our technology in your product to make them connected and innovative.

Advices for integration and control

We help you for the integration of our technologies in your product.

Development of tailormade solutions

According to your need, we can develop new solutions.

It is very difficult to integrate electronics items in the footwear. Thanks to our skills, we are now able to integrate technology in your product according to your needs.


Zhor-tech, the connected footwear expertise.
Connected footwear expertise.

We implement our connected footwear expertise according to your needs. We already have developed several products including the first connected heating interactive insole in the world. Today, we suggest our expertise for those who want to improve their brands and propose innovative products.

  • Footwear expertise :

    With 20 years of significant experience, our team of qualified engineers will accompany and will help you to create the Footwear of tomorrow.

  • Connectivity :

    Today, we can develop connected products with a strong added value and a real utility.

  • Research and development :

    Our team is now able to put heating functionalities, location and a tracker adapted to the Footwear.

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